Art Projects

A selection of collaborative and individual art projects.




‘Untitled ‘ by Elizabeth Hetzel

2  September to 19 September 2015

FELTspace, Adelaide

Curated by Elizabeth Hetzel

‘Darkness was a presence. I learned to see in it, I learned to see through it, and I learned to see the darkness of my own.’

 ‘…it was discovered that every light had a story- no every light was a story, and the flashes themselves were the stories going out over the waves, as markers and guides and comfort and warning.’

                                               From ‘lighthousekeeping’ by Jeanette Winterson.

Using Jeanette Winterson’s novel as a starting place, this exhibition takes lighthouse keeping as a metaphor to explore the interrelationship between landscape and human experience in the spaces of light and dark.

Participating Artists:

Sally Arnold (SA)

Rebecca Birch (UK)

Mary Good (VIC)

Elizabeth Hetzel (SA)

Olga Sankey (SA)

Catalogue essay: Lisa Harms (SA)

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FELTnatural: Ephemeral Public Art Project 


‘Unearthments’, Elizabeth Hetzel

Rymill park, Adelaide

November 21 – November 30 2014

‘The focus of the project is to bring site specific new works by significant contemporary South Australian artists to the public realm, that consider the space of Rymill Park (physically, culturally and socially) and invite the public to experience that space and contemporary art differently.’

Artist Statement: ‘These forms record a search, satisfying scooping, a mind let off its leash, daydreaming, play. The shapes are lumps of the past, moments of presence and absence, made solid, the activity now still. The shapes spread over the slope, perhaps as relics, monuments or humble guardians of the play space.’

ducks feltnatural

Elizabeth Hetzel , Unearthments (detail)



‘Spaces of Connection’ exhibition.

South Australian School of Art Gallery, University of South Australia

April  8 –  May 9 2014

‘Spaces of connection explores the interconnectedness between Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships to land, place and each other. In this exhibition the artists intend to create a space for reflection on the interconnecting and diverging ideas about country and think through the possibilities for our future engagement with the land.’

Artists and curatorium: Imiyari Yilpi Adamson, Elizabeth Hetzel, Jan Hogan and Jessica Sanguesa.



Spaces of Connection , SASA gallery, installation view of selected works. Left to right: ‘Breathing Place’, Elizabeth Hetzel; ‘Untitled (flow’, Elizabeth Hetzel. Right: ‘Ernabella Mission Days’ (selected works from series), Imiyari Adamson. Foreground: ‘Unearthing the Surface’, Elizabeth Hetzel.


This video ‘touchstone’ is a collaboration between Imiyari Adamson, Jan Hogan, Elizabeth Hetzel and Jessica Sanguesa

For more information on the art project and exhibition visit the Spaces of Connection site.



Fleurieu Landscape Art and Environment Field Research project and exhibition

McLaren Vale, South Australia

November 11 – December 12 2011.

‘The exhibition held at Fox Creek Cellar Door Gallery aims to provide intellectual substance to the Fleurieu Art Prize by promoting creative thinking and action about the nature of contemporary landscape art and how it can inform the current debate about the environment.
For the selected artists in the research group the event has combined field briefings and research on the Fleurieu Peninsula with periods of individual studio development and will culminate with an exhibition of the works and their documentation.’

‘The listening wall’.  audio work, two channel.  Photomontage for online presence.

Above: ‘The listening wall’.  Audio work, two tracks.  Photomontage for online presence.



‘Breathing space’, Flinders Medical Centre, Promenade Gallery. 

November 2011 – January 2012

Artist statement:

‘An installation of various sized forms in mixed media.
These forms are from potholes in the roads I travel in the course of my life. From the casts of these, I take the skin, the thin space between the ground and the air, between the physical and metaphysical, or between the inside and the outside.
Potholes, reminders of the ever-changing, unstable nature of life; spaces to avoid, to be mindful of to avoid mishap.
In ‘Breathing space’, I aim to capture a sense of space between water and earth and air. A space of stillness. And perhaps a chuckle at the humble pothole’s transformation to a thing of beauty and restfulness’.


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