Video and Audio


Digital projection (wall). Duration: 3mins looped



Storm painting




The listening wall

Sound installation (two track) Duration: 9mins 22secs, continuous.



Untitled (flow)

Digital video projection (wall).  Duration: 20minutes, looped.



Untitled (presence)

Digital projection (wall). Duration: 1.10mins looped



‘Untitled (presence)’, installation view.



Untitled (dig)

Digital projection onto the floor. Duration: 6mins 38secs, looped.



Installation view



Digital projection (wall). Duration: 4mins 18secs, looped.


Slate canvas

Digital projection (wall) Duration; 6mins 25 secs, looped.



Video. Duration: 3mins, looped.


Breathing place I 

Digital projection onto remnant painted canvas. Duration: 3mins, looped.




‘Breathing place 1’. Installation view, projection canvas.



© All video, audio and artwork images copyright Elizabeth Hetzel