Images and sculpture


Untitled 3 , gouache on. canvas, 86cm x 81cm

Untitled 2, gouache on canvas, 71cm x 71cm
Untitled 1, gouache on canvas 59cmx56cm

*Untitled 4, gouache on canvas, 86cm x 91cm


Earthskins continues my art practice of painting outdoors, on the ground, under the sky exploring a ‘collaboration’ of sorts between materials, the ground, the weather and my creative process.

Breathing place (trees), Gouache on canvas 130cm(h) x 160cm (w)

Untitled (landscape), Gouache on canvas

Tender, Gouache on canvas, 197cm (w)x 137cm(h)
Earthskin 3 , Gouache on canvas, 197cm (w)x 137cm(h)
Flow Gouache on canvas, 197cm (w)x 130(h)cm
Earthskin 2  Gouache on canvas , 197cm (w) x 130cm (h).




Breathing space

Using cast and moulded potholes to explore a sense of place

‘Breathing place’, digital print on moulded pothole skins (PET) . 1.8m (w) x 1.5m(h)

Breathing place (Detail)


Exploring a sense of connection to place through digging, casting, unearthing.

‘Unearthments‘ (details) Plaster, sand. Dimensions variable.

© All artwork images copyright Elizabeth Hetzel